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Continuously Updated Directory Built for Solution Providers

We have built the ultimate directory of biotech, pharma, and medtech executives.

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of prospecting so your business can grow. With access to ARSENAL Foundation, you can search our database to quickly find your prospects in the roles and companies without chasing outdated lists or hours sifting through LinkedIn.

The Problem All Solution Providers Face

Your List is Always Outdated

Between 2010 and 2020, executives stayed in the same role for just 1.4 years

Searching vs Selling Paradox

Selling has an ROI, is more fun, and predicts the health of the company. Smart companies delegate busywork.

Deadlines and Pipelines

Most solutions professionals have to balance the demands of client work and pipeline building

Decoding Decision Makers

9 of 10 biopharma companies require committees to approve contracts over $50k. Now you need to win consensus, not a Champion.


A Purpose-Built Solution

Built for Life Science

The only directory built specifically to track executives in biotech, pharma, and medtech

Constant Updating

Avoid the cost of hiring staff to manage the endless changes to the target list

Focus on Selling

Your sales team should focus on filling the funnel without chasing the wrong prospects

Top 3 Reasons to Use Foundation

BioPharma Specific

We have built and maintain a comprehensive list of executives throughout the life science sector.  Unlike ZoomInfo and other tools, Foundation is built specifically for YOUR use case.

Easy to Take Action

Find your ideal prospects and view their LinkedIn profile, download a list, and start selling!

Custom Segmentation & Reporting

Do you have a very specific list of targets?  Request a custom list to be built just for you!  We will maintain the list with routine updates so when people move in and out of their roles, you will know.

BONUS REASON: Selling Profiles

Using DISC Profile personality insights, get reports on your Prospects predicting their selling preferences and have the ultimate preparation for your pitch!

All Departments Captured


Medical Clinical


Executive Leadership


Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How is this information sourced ?

We ethically source our data.  ARSENAL ADVISORS has one of the largest followings in the life science industry as a result of our influential content and events.  Our data collection methodologies are GDPR compliant and adhere to the latest privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as international data regulations. We protect our customers’ personal data and we gather data in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines.

Can my teammates use my Access ?

Each subscription is for a single user.  Multi-user logins are monitored and are subject to cancellation without refund.  Please see our Terms of Use

For companies with large teams, please contact Support for Enterprise packages.

Are there limits or credits on the data ?

Your access to view the Profiles is unlimited. Unlike ZoomInfo, Uplead, Lusha, LeadIQ, and many others that charge for the number of Profiles you view, Foundation is UNLMITED for the duration of your subscription.

Can I download data ?

Paid Access unlocks downloads including: Copy, Print, PDF, xls.

Many Foundation users update their CRM using the XLS/CSV function.

How often is the data updated ?

Additional data is added weekly with major refreshes conducted at least monthly.

Can I try before I buy ?

Yes!  Please register for a 3-day free trial HERE

Please note that the trial database is limited to 5,000 Contacts.  Certain search functions, LinkedIn profile links, email, and downloads are disabled.  Paid Foundation clients unlock all features and the entire database.

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